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Still in High School? How is it for you? For me (Sal), it was a once of a life-time unforgettable experience (91?-95?-see school shootings) that I can?t go back and relive again. What I'm trying to say to the youth is live it to the fullest and use each experience-good or bad-as a preparation season/time for something better?. I was picked on in junior high for my homework and it didn't exist in high school. I thought it was going to be a rougher time in high school, like those movies I saw on t.v. It eventually became a better time (compared to Junior High: racial fights, got suspended, got spat on, etc?) than I expected. I highly encouraged to seek some mentoring opportunities out there. We all need that "positive" adult role model (parent or no parent)-particularly in the field of interest you would like to pursue in!


Peer Pressure?

"Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." 34Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God I say this to your shame..."-1 Corinthians 15:33-34

Have you ever been pressured to do something that you know it wasn't right? Did you do it? Well, I honestly have to say I have been "con" in doing things that I knew it wasn't right. Many of it happened growing-up young during my "teenage" years because I just wanted to "fit-in". I feel many youth want to "fit-in", but they don't know that fitting-in isn't the "best" thing to do. They have to learn that they might be alone at times and that doing this is a way to "stand-up" for your beliefs! We can't please

"2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good, pleasing and perfect will."-Romans 12

-rest of the article on my GoodnewsEverybodyCom Wordpress Blog Site

*see Bible

" Remember Your Creator While Young Ecclesiastes 11

7 Light is sweet,
and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.
8 However many years a man may live,
let him enjoy them all.
But let him remember the days of darkness,
for they will be many.
Everything to come is meaningless.
9 Be happy, young man, while you are young,
and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.
Follow the ways of your heart
and whatever your eyes see,
but know that for all these things
God will bring you to judgment.
10 So then, banish anxiety from your heart
and cast off the troubles of your body,
for youth and vigor are meaningless."

Junior High-Middle School

  • Middle School Sucks, Seriously Posted in old diaryland entries on 04/22/2004 01:00 am by lorie ,

  • "Jamie and I had a talk this morning. She’s in eighth grade and having a tough time with middle school in general. Luckily, she’s almost finished, but still – it sucks. I told her that middle school sucks for everyone, and that nearly everyone I know counts 6th, 7th, and/or 8th grade among the worst years of her life.
    All middle school kids are assholes. It’s their job. All the kids get made fun of about something, whether they’re chunky or skinny, tall or short, smart or dumb, pretty or plain. It doesn’t matter. Middle school kids have an innate talent for finding the one thing you are most insecure about and exploiting it mercilessly, and when you’re already dealing with hormones and body changes and all that other stuff, it’s a nightmare. I told her all of this....
    I know I have a few young readers, and I just want you guys to know – it gets better. It’s never going to be perfect, but I swear it gets better. I’m sure my comments are going to be filled with stories like mine, or worse. ...

    How To Survive Middle/ Junior High! , from

    Chet McDoniel Tells a Story About a Bully Who Wanted to Fight

    Worst Years Growing-Up: Junior High-Middle School? December 5, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    LOCAL: West Central Area


    {Photo Gallery}

    Name: Xtreme Tour
    Tagline: FREE! Inflatable Games, Skatepark, Pizza, Silverline Concert
    Host: WC Youth for Christ- Bart Graves - Contact
    Type: Music/Arts - Concert
    Time and PlaceDate: Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Time: 3:00pm - 9:00pm
    Location: Morris Area High School Gym
    Street: 201 S. Columbia
    City/Town: Morris, MN
    Contact InfoPhone: 3208433487
    The main event starts @6pm and they are looking for chaperones (adult volunteers). If interested, feel free to e-mail me our the e-mail above (Bart Graves-Coordinator of the event, who has been to our church to publicize Youth for Christ). IF you can't make it, feel free to still share this event with the youth and pray for this outreach in our community.


  • New Morris/Benson Youth For Christ chapter organizing, seeks positive alternatives for youth Morris Sun Tribune Published Saturday, February 23, 2008 By Tom Larson

  • " Many kids are constantly complaining about not having something to do. Local Youth For Christ organizers are intent on not only finding something, but something substantive.
    YFC is sponsoring an informational meeting from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 25, at the Morris Area High School cafeteria.
    Bob Poe, Director of West Central Youth For Christ, will be at the meeting to present opportunities, including various Christian events, concerts and YFC Campus Life meetings.
    The new Morris/Benson chapter of YFC will give area youth the opportunity to cooperate with YFC chapters established in other regional chapters in scheduling events and programs, said chapter organizers Bart Graves.
    Collectively, we'll be able to bring programming to Morris and Benson that normally people would have to go to Alexandria, Wilmar or the Twin Cities to attend, Graves said.
    Adults and students are needed to form Leadership Teams in the new Morris/Benson YFC chapter, and those seeking more responsibility can get involved in boards, promotions and coordination activities, training and fundraising. Funds raised in each community will be governed by the local boards.
    The goal is to present youth with more positive options, and to encourage church participation, regardless of denomination, Graves said.
    Statistics on kids and church show that the younger generations are dropping out of church in their older teens and early 20s,” Graves said. We're losing out on some of our most optimistic and energetic contributors. If we can keep them involved in church and in families, that's a positive.�
    In addition to the organizational meeting, here are some of the YFC activities planned in the region:
    YFC Campus Life Kickoff� Friday, Feb. 29, 7:30 a.m. at a place to be determined. The weekly meetings will include a continental breakfast, YFC planning and announcements, and Bible study.
    Kutless Concert � Saturday, March 8, 7 p.m., in Alexandria. This is a YFC sponsored event of a quality Christian Rock Band -- you can understand the lyrics, Graves said with a laugh. Ticket and transportation packages to this event are being worked out, and adult chaperones are needed.
    Xtreme Event � Thursday, April 17, at the MAHS Gym. This free event will begin after school and will continue into the evening. Includes huge inflatable games, a concert by Silverline and speaker Tom Burton of YFC.
    Sonshine Music Festival � July 16-19. Not officially a YFC event but a huge festival including Christian Music, Extreme sports, kid events. The event was attended by over 20,000 last year.
    Graves said the Tina Marie event earlier this year was unfortunate in that her message exceeded the bounds of what's generally acceptable in a school setting. However, local administrators noted after her appearance that they still have positive overall experiences with YFC speakers and events and would be open to sponsoring more in the future.
    Graves said that attitude helps in getting the Morris/Benson chapter heading in the right direction.
    You can have all the events, but (YFC) is still all about our faith,” Graves said. There's a lot of competition for kids’ attention these days. We try to encourage kids to be active in their faith and in their churches.”"

    Rural Towns

  • Small Towns, Big Dreams In Dying Rural Economies, Youth Efforts Infuse New Hope and Money, from
  • Community

  • Service Learning,

  • Culture

  • UMM Alpha, rural college cultural faith resource
  • Concerts

  •, official SYATP website
  • See You At the Party, unofficial personal website

  • Warehouse Events, Youth for Christ hangout in Wilmar
  • 2005:
    Friday, February 25th-Saturday, February 26th @8p-6a X 2005 Tour W/ KJ-52, Falling Up, and Seventh Day Slumber, Hawk Nelson at..
    Destiny Center (map)
    28854 County Rd. 10
    Ashby, MN 56309
    (218) 747-3000
    Contact: Johan Anderson, Destiny Center Manager and

    Just Go Forward in Concert
    8p.m. at the Common Cup Coffeehouse, 501 Atlantic Ave. in Morris. Christian punk rock. Free. 1-320-589-1200.

    Children 18:3 on Saturday, March 13th @9pm at Common Cup Coffeehouse in Morris, MN w/special guest-a punk rock/reggae band (find out who it is!)

    "Spoken in Concert w/others (find out!) at the Central Square in Glenwood, MN by folks that brought you See You At the Party

    Cease Zero: CD Release Party w/Blank Atricle, Random 4, Yellow Shrimp Mctish, 13th Floor, and many bands.
    January 31st @7pm at Wheaton's American Legion; $5 at Door; Contact:

    Skillet, in Concert
    Saturday, January 31st @7p.m. at Joy Christian Center, Hwy 23 E. in St. Cloud. $12/advance, $15/door. Tickets, call 1-320-251-1780.


    -All Night Party

  • See You At the Party, youth all
    2000 (Morris, MN)
    See You At the Party 2000 Morris MN Breakdancin'-Headspin

    "Check this out...Guy does one of the most or is the #1 difficult move in breakdancing-headspin! This was filmed by a friend (Twig W. from my local church congregation) during an all-night youth party at the Regional Fitness Center in Morris, Minnesota. It was a popular regional event called "See You At the Party" (moved to Alexandria, Minnesota 2 years later)"
    *see Photos from Alexandria 2002-2006
    Related Sites:
    SYATP-Break Dancing


  • Praise FM Bulletin Board
  • Ministries

  • Youth for Christ Minnesota
  • -Youth Pastors

    Youth Pastor Interviews || Christian Faith Center || THiNK Culture # 6

    "THiNK International interviews Washington youth pastors at the prayer lunch-in. Thanks Pastor Zac Gandara @ CFC for having us!
    What is the future of Youth Ministry?"


  • Praise FM: ZJAM (Saturdays @8p-12a Midnight), West-Central Area Minnesota
  • Retreats


    "PROMO VIDEO FOR 2008 SEND ME: STILLNESS RETREAT" Stillness, April 11th-13th at Camp Lebanon: Contact Mark Haugen Lift Off Ministries
    Archives of Past Retreats:
    "Send Me Retreat" w/ Ben Goodman, main speaker and and a youth worship leader speaking on "Preparing for War, Preparing for Destiny" -from North Carolina, on March 26th-28th for youth at Inspiration Point
    Contact: Living Waters Ministries; 506 California Ave; Morris, MN 56267 320.589.2812-Mark Haugen or 320.815.4288; Cost $85


  • Timberwolves vs. Lakers on March 12th 50 people needed for group discount $22->$17...more details (deadline by Feb 15th)
  • To the Next Level w/ UMM Wrestling Coach Doug Reese "The Edge" (featured in the N.Y. Times!); suscribe to this sports focus faith building weekly e-mail newsletter!


  • Burning Bush, first Wednesday of each month in the "barn" Alexandria,MN
  • *located by Holiday Inn west of I-94 Hwy bridge



  • Answers in Genesis, answers to evolution and other science related questions you might have
  • Conferences

    Jan. 9-10 Friday-Saturday
    Sr. High Student Leadership Conference

    At Bethel College & Seminary, 3900 Bethel Dr. in Arden Hills. Call Bethel's Office of Church Ministries at 651-638-6301 for more details, or registration. Registration deadline: Dec. 12.

  • Student Venture Twin Cities, an interdenominational organization for students to reach their campuses
  • Youth Leadership
  • Youth Specialties
  • Concerts

  • Club 3 Degrees, list of band tournaments in Minneapolis, MN

  • Youth MegaRally, Bob Lenz w/ Priesthood & the Gambles

    6:30-8:30p.m. at Bethel College & Seminary, 3900 Bethel Dr. in Arden Hills. Awesome event to bring your youth group to, youth leaders! Call Bethel's Office of Church Ministries at 651-638-6301 for more details.

    Cool Stuff!

  • Beyond Extreme, does God exist?
  • Education

    Events Calender

  • Christian Happenings, for Minnesota-Wisconsin surrounding area!
  • Christian Student, resource of events for students and anybody
  • Minnesota Christian Chronicle, advertise or look for cool events
  • Issues Focus

  • Love Lines, get prayer/counseled
  • Minnesota Teen Challenge, hope being restored for drug users
  • Mentoring


  • Allies, networking youth
  • Music

  • Sonshine Festival, an annual event in Wilmar, MN
  • Twin Cities Festival, Aug 7th-8th at St. Paul's State Capitol Mall
  • Schools

  • Minnesota: Higher Education-Colleges, directory by Minnesota Christian Chronicle
  • Minnesota: Twin Cities Christian High Schools, directory by Minnesota Christian Chronicle
  • -Safety

  • "Kicked Out of School", article in the Pioneer Press
  • National School Safety Center, educational video on dealing with "bullies"
  • Safety School Act of 1994, reporting violence
  • Violent Kids, dealing with "bullies"

  • *Note: For youth w/disabilities dealing w/bullies->
    PACER CENTER 1.800.53.PACER (537-2237).."to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents."(referred by-a co-worker)

    Social Issues


    Standing Up to School Bullies (Paul Coughlin)

    "Pinelake Church High School Message on September 2, 2009. Paul Coughlin speaks on standing up to school bullies. Unfortunately, school bullying is a phenomenon happening in our schools."


  • Youth Link

  • Homeless Students Graduate From High School Wednesday, 06/09/2010 6:43 PM By: Tatum Fjerstad from
    "It's a very special night for 43 homeless students in Minneapolis.
    They've overcome their living situation, not knowing where they'll be day-to-day, to earn a diploma or GED.
    Some of these students walked Wednesday at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral.
    There are over 1,200 homeless people under the age of 21 in Minnesota, according to a recent study by Wilder Research.
    Thanks to YouthLink, one of the Twin Cities' largest nonprofit youth service providers, some of these young people, who have experienced homelessness, have earned their high school diploma or completed their G.E.D. this school year...


  • The River, Fargo, ND
  • Heart of the City, Sat 18th & 25th of January in Twin Cities
  • La Luz ("The Light") Worship Service, in Brooklyn Center High School

  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


  • Author: More teens becoming 'fake' Christians By John Blake, CNN August 27, 2010 8:57 a.m. EDT

  • "...Dean is a minister, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and the author of "Almost Christian," a new book that argues that many parents and pastors are unwittingly passing on this self-serving strain of Christianity.
    She says this "imposter'' faith is one reason teenagers abandon churches.
    "If this is the God they're seeing in church, they are right to leave us in the dust," Dean says. "Churches don't give them enough to be passionate about."....
    No matter their background, Dean says committed Christian teens share four traits: They have a personal story about God they can share, a deep connection to a faith community, a sense of purpose and a sense of hope about their future....
    More teens may be drifting away from conventional Christianity. But their desire to help others has not diminished, another author says.
    Barbara A. Lewis, author of "The Teen Guide to Global Action," says Dean is right -- more teens are embracing a nebulous belief in God.
    Yet there's been an "explosion" in youth service since 1995 that Lewis attributes to more schools emphasizing community service.
    Teens that are less religious aren't automatically less compassionate, she says.
    "I see an increase in youth passion to make the world a better place," she says. "I see young people reaching out to solve problems. They're not waiting for adults."..

    'They called when all the cards stopped'

    In 2006, Havard lost her father to a rare form of cancer. Then she lost one of her best friends -- a young woman in the prime of life -- to cancer as well. Her church and her pastor stepped in, she says. .
    "They called when all the cards stopped," she says. .
    When asked how her faith held up after losing her father and friend, Havard didn't fumble for words like some of the teens in "Almost Christian." .
    She says God spoke the most to her when she felt alone -- as Jesus must have felt on the cross. .
    "When Jesus was on the cross crying out, 'My God, why have you forsaken me?' Jesus was part of God,'' she says. "Then God knows what it means to doubt. .
    "It's OK to be in a storm, to be in a doubt," she says, "because God was there, too."

    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..



  • Creative Youth Bible Studies and More!

  • *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..

  • Texas Cheerleaders Fight Back Over Bible Verses By RYAN OWENS | Good Morning America – 11 hours ago (October 2012)

  • "Cheerleaders in a small East Texas town that worships two things -- God and football -- are now fighting back after the Bible verses they painted on banners to display at games were banned.
    The cheerleading squad at Kountze High School, just north of Beaumont, Texas, would show their support for the team, and also display their religious beliefs, by painting Bible verses on the banners players run through before every game.
    "We just wanted to encourage the boys," one cheerleader said.
    The banners apparently offended someone, though, and that unidentified person complained to an atheist group, which argued that the Bible banners amount to a public school's advocating a particular religion, which is unconstitutional.
    "This is not a Christian school and they cannot misuse their authority," Annie-Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Madison, Wis.-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, said.
    Ultimately, school superintendent Kevin Weldon forced the cheerleaders to stop using scripture on the banners.
    That was when the squad members put down their pompoms and picked up the phone, calling attorney David Starnes, who argues that the banners are not school sponsored.
    "It was student led ... student initiated," Starnes said.
    The girls came up with the idea by looking at the social networking website Pinterest, where they saw that cheerleaders in Georgia had done the same thing with their banners a few years ago. Those were banned by their school, too.
    The community is now cheering for the cheerleaders, with signs of support and online. A Facebook page dedicated to their fight now has nearly 50,000 followers, which is 25 times more people than live in the town of about 2,000.
    Kieara Moffett, a cheerleader at Kountze High School, said that the she believes this is about freedom of expression.
    "They have the right to say whatever they want," she said. "But it's our religion and we want to portray that." Also Read"


  • Shoutlife
  • Conferences for the Youth

  • Aquire the Fire, from Teen Mania
  • Desperation Online, desperate for Jesus?
  • DCLA, a youth evangelism conference from Youth for Christ
  • Passion Now, an amazing intense worship filled time!
  • "Prayer Storm"- students in prayer and fasting,Rock the Nations Student Ministries-Colorado
  • Shepherd Ministries Student Conference, Irving, TX
  • Education


    Funny Graduation Day - Today's Christian Videos


    -Physically Challenged

  • Making A Difference: Connecting Youth With Special Needs March 1, 2012 6:31 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many of us take things like making friends or living independently for granted. When one Twin Cities mom felt her daughter wouldn’t have the same opportunities as others, she did something about it.
    So, WCCO’s Amelia Santaniello surprised Denise Martin with a $500 check from US Bank. It’s our way of thanking her for “Making a Difference” in the lives of young adults who have special needs.
    Martin’s daughter, Natalie, has a learning disability. Martin felt her daughter Natalie was isolated and not easily connecting with others her age.
    “They’re a hidden population within the community and they live at home with their parents,” said Martin. “I thought there’s got to be a way to connect the computer and friends that are like her.”
    There was a way.
    Six years ago, Denise started this project of love: an online niche group, called Bridging Hearts.
    “In researching this, there is nothing like this,” said Martin. “There’s nothing with an online connection and events where they can get together locally.”
    The online community has fostered friendships between Natalie and its 45 other members.
    In fact, it’s how she became friends with her roommate Kelly.
    “We had problems before in high school or whenever in school, we can just talk and chat about those issues,” said Natalie.
    The group does more than chat online. Members have social events and have gone on trips together.
    “It’s been a relief to know she now has friends and a connection with people who are like her and she’s happy,” said Martin.
    Martin meets with every member of Briding Hearts and helps set up their profile."

    Issue(s) Focus

  • Dawson McAllister, call/e-mail your prayer relating to everyday issues(sins)
  • Dawson McAllister Live and Teenhopeline promo

    "Promo video for Dawson McAllister Live on Kiss FM in Dallas."
  • Mercy Ministries, a women issue focus ministry
  • Z Jam, helpsites on different issues
  • -Self-Esteem

    "But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not looks at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."-1 Samuel 16:7

    Self Esteem, Purpose, and Meaning (Paul Washer)

    "Paul preached to about 700 youth at a VCY America Rally on 2/09/08. For more about VCY America, go to:



  • Dare to Be a Daniel, youth ministry

  • Billy Graham Youth Ministry Launches New Interactive Website- The www.New Offers Engaging Platform for Youth to Connect with Peers and Grow Together in Ministry By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries Tuesday, September 14, 2010
    "CHARLOTTE, NC (ANS) -- Boosting its online presence and capabilities, youth evangelism ministry Dare to Be a Daniel has launched a new Web resource for Christian students who want to learn how to share their faith....


  • Real Teen Faith

  • *referred by Teens Host Video Contest By B.J. Hamrick Special to ASSIST News Service


  • "Passion" 12 hours of Jesus Christ countdown to actual crucifixtion by Mel Gibson! Select theatres and 18+ only!
  • Graduation Message - Inspirational Videos

    "This animation is a voice over of Robin Williams speech in the movie "Jack". I thought some people would like to hear it and I added the animation."


  • Life Light Festival, Sept 2-5 in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Praise & Glory, online Christian music distribution
  • Radio Shows

  • Apostle Radio, all genres (online)

  • Dawson McAllister Live, radio talk show on Sunday evenings 7-9p.m. for youth counseling
  • Z Jam, hard rock music radio show


  • The Nightmare, check it out!
  • Prayer

  • The Call: Revolution
  • Social Issues

  • Alleged victim in Steubenville rape case says she woke up naked By Chelsea J. Carter and Poppy Harlow, CNN updated 9:25 PM EDT, Sat March 16, 2013

  • Sports


  • Fennville wins district title, celebrates with Wes Leonard's family By Cameron Smith Mon Mar 14 09:03am EDT

  • "In Fennville's latest triumph, the real MVP wasn't even on the court. Wes Leonard's brother, who isn't on the team, accepted the district championship trophy. And for once in a tumultuous seven-day period that saw Fennville, Mich., become the epicenter of America's basketball-mad March subconscious, everyone got to smile.
    The smiles came thanks to a tense, come-from-behind, 51-48 Fennville (Mich.) High victory over Covert (Mich.) High in a Class C district final playoff game. The smiles came thanks to Fennville player Reid Sexton, who connected on both his free throws with 16.5 seconds remaining, giving the Blackhawks a three-point lead that Covert couldn't match, despite a desperation attempt in the closing seconds. And once again, the smiles and tears came to Mitchell Leonard, the younger brother of the now departed Wes Leonard, an eighth-grader who has become a fixture on the Fennville bench and with the team since his brother's sudden death. He's become so close, in fact, that he says the rest of the Fennville team all feel like members of his larger nuclear family. "They are like brothers to me now," Mitchell Leonard told the Detroit Free Press. "They always will be. They are like family."

    "Perhaps unsurprisingly, the people smiling brightest were Leonard's relatives, who helped pack Hope College's DeVos Fieldhouse with Fennville fans for a third straight game. They were joined again by Leonard's longtime girlfriend, Selena Beltran-Pena, who told WOOD-TV that each game since her boyfriend's death has been a form of therapy.
    "We lost it," Wes Leonard's uncle, Jim Leonard, told the Free Press.
    "I knew they could do it," Beltran-Pena told the paper. "I knew it."
    The Blackhawks did it using a wealth of emotion and a handful of more clutch shots, just as they used to get through the team's first two playoff victories. What restraint the players and fans had held inside quickly disapparated at the final whistle, with Xavier Griggs -- Leonard's replacement in the team's starting lineup -- rushing to Mitchell Leonard and hoisting the ebullient teen aloft, all while tears streamed down his face. "

    "It was another fitting tribute to a player whose family had extended beyond his blood relatives to those he shared time with on a basketball court or football field, but it will not be the last, either. The 23-0 Blackhawks return to action in a regional playoff game against a fellow undefeated squad from Schoolcraft (Mich.) High.
    Like the three Fennville playoff victories that preceded it, the game is expected to be a sellout, this time at a slightly smaller venue, with only 1,500 tickets allotted to Fennville relatives and fans for the game at Vicksburg (Mich.) High. "
    Regardless of those restrictions, it's likely than virtually the entire population of the town will travel the roughly 75-minute stretch to Vicksburg to cheer on the Blackhawks as they try to get closer to Leonard's long-stated goal of leading his team to a potential state title.
    "It was really his goal and his dream; he would always be talking about the Breslin Center," Beltran-Pena told WOOD-TV, the number 35 on her cheek indistinguishable from the hundreds of others at Friday's game. "He wanted to lead his team there, so right now the boys are talking about trying to get there for Wes."
    If they get to Michigan State's Breslin Center for the state finals, Leonard will be there too. He'll be there in spirit, just as it's clear he has been for three victories already.


  • Revival Generation, learn how to start a prayer ministry
  • See You at the Pole, prayer for schools every 3rd week of September
  • Student Venture, reaching the high school
  • Youth for Christ
  • Youth for Christ (another one)
  • Teachings

    Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers - So Shocking & Biblical

    "This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message preached to about 5,000 youth in a day when youth are appealed to through shallow and worldly means. At one point in this sermon the 5,000 Youth are clapping and yelling BUT THEN the preacher makes a comment that CHANGES THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE TO WHERE YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP... As you can imagine, the preacher was never invited back. We believe the whole sermon will be a blessing to many souls. Note: HeartCry Missionary Society offers a DVD of this message. Contact them at:"



  • 'Lifehouse Everything Skit' Draws Millions By Michael F. Haverluck Monday, December 29, 2008

  • "Gripping the Heart of America
    Many are calling the "Lifehouse Everything Skit" a phenomena, but it is so much more than that, as more and more continue to fall in love with Jesus or revive their relationship with Him after watching it.
    The skit was originally performed at the 2006 Smoky Mountain Winterfest in Knoxville, Tenn. It packed 30,000 into the Tennessee Volunteers' Thompson-Boling arena each night, and has deeply impacted God's Kingdom ever since.
    In a society caught up with Oscars and Golden Globes, those involved in the production of the "Everything Skit" received a much greater reward than any golden figurine could ever deliver -- witnessing changed lives.
    Numerous testimonies of people receiving Christ have been reported to Winterfest staff through e-mails and GodTube postings, providing eternal blessings far greater than most had ever anticipated.
    "This video blesses me every time I watch it," commented one viewer. "It kind of puts into perspective just what Jesus does. No matter how far we go away from Him, he's always trying to pull us back to him. Then, when we decide to come back, he's there to take us back, no matter what the cost."
    The drama kept another viewer from losing her faith.
    "I was doubting my faith, and for me that is a big deal," she said. "I was doubting if God really exists, and why does he allow things to happen. I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life and turn my back on Jesus and become Buddhist... A friend of mine showed me this video. I cried then and I still cry every time I watch this video. I have no more doubts about Jesus. Praise the Lord Saints!"
    The huge response to the skit has driven youth leaders from across the nation to request the video and use it to teach their own drama teams.
    The Message and Passion behind "Everything"
    The drama focuses on the spiritual warfare being fought for our souls.
    At the beginning of the skit, the young woman indulges in the pure joy and innocence of finding her first love in Jesus, as He shows her all the wonderful things He has done and has in store for her.
    But this blissful moment becomes tarnished by seemingly harmless distractions, which turn into temptations and ultimately into deadly sins.
    The fallen spiritual forces at work begin their relentless attack on the young woman, who takes her eyes off Jesus and sets them on the world.
    She finds herself overcome by all the vices made to look so attractive in life: sexual impurity, greed for money, drinking, bulimia, and cutting.
    The lies that she has been told about her worthlessness and inability to measure up lead her into depression, attempted suicide, and ultimately into a desperation that spurs her to once again seek her first love.
    Only after the woman hits rock bottom does she remember the true source of her joy -- a relationship with Christ.
    But she's not alone as she battles to regain the abundant life Jesus has given her. Unable to fend off the enemy's spiritual attack on her own, she puts her eyes back on Jesus, who is waiting for her call for help.
    Eager to step in and fight the battle for His bride, Jesus fends off and defeats the demonic attackers who are after her very soul and life.
    We are reminded that Christ already won the battle for our souls on the cross, and that we have victory over our sins through our hope and redemption in Jesus.
    It affirms I John 4:4: "You dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."
    An Inspired Crew
    The "Everything Skit" was written by Mission Baltimore Director Tim Houston.
    The actors behind the drama are members of the evangelistic mission, which sets out to "help leaders in the emerging culture align with God's mission."
    The Mission Baltimore School of Emerging Missional Leadership, based at the Baltimore Dream Center, is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    "All enrolled students are required to write and perform dramas glorifying Christ, and they also recruit new students," said James Overton, the marketing director of Church of God International Youth and Christian Education, which organized the 2006 Winterfest event.
    "Students at Mission Baltimore are all working toward earning a ministry degree from Patten University, which is a university based on Judeo-Christian values in Oakland, California," Overton told CBN News in an interview.
    Music Setting the Tone
    The "Lifehouse Everything Skit" is named after the alternative rock group, Lifehouse, and their powerful song about God's love, "Everything," which was created during the band's early youth group days.
    Lifehouse prefers not to be labeled as a Christian band, and this allows them to reach a broader audience with their Christain lyrics.
    The group's Christian lead singer and songwriter Jason Wade's transparent and evocative lyrics add to the spiritual weight behind the drama.
    "How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?" His lyrics read. "Would you tell me how it could be any better than this?"
    Sharing the Message of Hope
    Winterfest tours the East coast annually from February through March and is organized by the Church of God.
    The aim of Winterfest is to "provide a spiritual encounter where students come face-to-face with a loving Savior and experience a spiritual, mental and emotional life-change."
    It specifically seeks to repair students whose lives have been marred by abuse, condemnation, hurt, pain and depression.
    Through speakers, worship, dramas and life-changing experiences, the conferences are geared to fill participants with the love of Christ.
    Organizers of the Winterfest also offer a DVD of its acclaimed 2006 event, which includes the "Everything Skit," also known as the "Lifehouse Drama."
    Other Christian youth movements such as Young Life, Teen Mania and Teen Challenge also seem to be sparking a revival in America's younger generation.
    Since the video was introduced by a student to GodTube on May 31, 2007, the "Everything Skit" has been viewed more than 4 million times. It has also been visited more than 2.3 million times on YouTube since it was posted there on February 2 of this year.
    The evangelistic opportunities of this skit are enormous. "Sixty-four percent of Americans seek spirituality on the Internet, and as Christians, we need to be there for them," said's Director of Ministries Craig von Buseck.
    "I love watching this video," said one GodTube viewer. "This put me at peace because I have been there and see that God is there looking over me. I just wanted to let everyone know that I almost committed suicide. Thank you so much for the reality that this skit showed me and for its impact on me... It pointed me back to God."
    The drama helps all who watch it take II Corinthians 5:21 to heart, "God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God."
    (Originially aired and published November 30, 2007) Sources: Church of God International Youth and Christian Education, GodTube,"

    Lifehouse Everything Skit (Feedback Youth)

    "A wordless skit depicting a young woman seperated from Jesus by the temptations of life performed to lifehouse's song "everything" Harvest Time Church Bay City, Tx Sunday September 16, 2007 Check this Vid out on YouTube just copy an paste this link->>"


    Catholic Ministries

  • Flame Ministries, from Australia
  • Missions

    The Impact World Tour - Today's Christian Videos


  • World Prayer Team

  • Book Resources:

    "How To Be A Successful Teenager". Chick Publications

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    Bible Studies

  • The Last Supper- A themed session taking young people through the last supper as an Easter reflection, from Stand for Christ
  • Geography


    Iranian Christian youth Ministry (online Church)

    "Introducing Iranian Christian youth Ministries and online church that is providing ministry services to Farsi Believers around the world who don't have access to any house or cell churches. "


    XMen Youth Camp

    "This video talks about the impact that Xmen Youth Camp has had on the lives of many asian youths. Mass baptisms are also depicted, showing the wonderful things that God is doing in this part of the world. "



    Banned by PBS: Muslims Against Jihad - Part 7

    "FOX News Channel presents the documentary the Public Broadcasting System didn't want you to see. It's a film about the difference between moderate Muslims and the radicals who want to kill us. It asks where are the moderate Muslims and why aren't they speaking out against the Jihadists? And it was financed with $675,000 of taxpayers' money. This film was commissioned as part of the PBS series "America at the Crossroads" about the post 9/11 world, but PBS executives rejected it. PBS claims the filmmakers were "alarmist, overreaching and unfair." The filmmakers say they were censored because of liberal bias at PBS. On a topic this important, we think you have the right to decide for yourself"
    *see Issues: Rejected, Stood-up, etc. ....

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